• Preparation of detailed production budgets 

  • Negotiation with broadcasters regarding budgets, cash-flow, secondary
    rights etc.

  • Full production accounting and internal/external reporting as required


  • Creation of contract wording with broadcasters/talent to optimise your royalties

  • Development of royalty policy from various contracts

  • Preparation of royalty statements for contract holders

  • Administering, checking and processing royalty statements received

  • Successfully running both hostile and non-hostile royalty audits




  • Guide you through the minefield that is the application process – whether it be film/broadcast, TV/animation, theatre or R&D tax credits, acting on your behalf in all correspondence with relevant bodies such as the BFI and HMRC

  • Calculate what you are due

  • Complete the returns to satisfy all the stake-holders, as well as the final tax return which is the key to unlocking the tax credits available to you

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