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Mark Hopkins

Chief Executive 

In setting up We'll Mind Your Own Business, Mark merged the financial probity learned at KPMG with the dynamic can-do creativity at Celador (where his roles ranged from FD through to COO), to create a service that is a powerful combination of strong controls and out of the box dynamism. Mark has made a point of building the company around this image, and is incredibly proud of the team, pictured here, not only because of their proficiency and professional skills, but because of their personalities and that wonderful spark they all possess, which drives them to providing the best service they possibly can, in a pleasure-to-know manner. 


Jacqueline Hopkins

Company Director

Having run the payroll and IT departments for the majority of her 12 years at Celador, presiding over the crucial IT function during the heady days of “Who wants to be a Millionaire?”, Jackie co-founded We’ll Mind Your Own Business Ltd and continues to oversee the Payroll and IT functions, although now from a bit of a distance following the birth of hers and Mark’s daughter Alyssa.

Anastasia Puris.jpg

Anastasia Puris

Bookkeeper and Payroll Assistant

The sky’s the limit for Anastasia, whose home is Ukraine.  Having done bungee-jumping from a 40m bridge, Skydiving in Cornwall and parachuting, she’s aiming to jump from higher buildings and mountains….


Baiba Doze

Assistant Production Accountant

Originally from Latvia, before moving to the UK for 10 years, Baiba now finds herself working from British Columbia in Canada. She loves working at WMYOB sighting the desire to always find a solution and the friendly working environment as just two of the reasons for this. And when not working, Baiba can be found on the ski slopes and hiking around the mountains - and avoiding grizzlies. 

Diana Onita

Accounts Assistant

Diana came to the UK from Romania 3 years ago and enjoys working at WMYOB because every day she learns something new and improves her abilities. And when she’s not working, she spends enjoys spending time with friends and family, or creating jewellery.

Chelsey Macdonald

Management Accountant

After spending a year soaking up the sun in Australia, Chelsea returned to the UK to pursue her accounting career. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her partner, family and friends. She is known to be a bit of an adrenaline junkie having recent done a skydive for charity.

Arilda Shahini.jpg

Arilda Shahini

Accounts & Payroll Assistant

Originally from Albania, Arilda sees being part of WMYOB family as providing a great opportunity both for her career and her work-life balance. For relaxation Arilda loves swimming and reading (we assume not at the same time).  Her maxim is “never get so busy in making a living that you forget to make a life”!

Beatriz Sardina photo.png

Beatriz Sardina  

Management/Production Accountant

Beatriz comes from Spain, loves travelling and sports, plus meeting people and helping others, which is why she loves working at WMYOB, where we are at the service of our clients and can help them in every way we can.  She loves the close relationship we have with our clients and our flexibility which mirrors her own lifestyle and means she couldn’t be more proud of the values we represent and our way of working.


Diana Caraian


Diana originally hails from Romania and kindly describes the WMYOB Team as “Just awesome!”. She has a talent for picking up new languages easily and next on her list to learn is Chinese.

Edyta Marciniuk.jpg

Edyta Marciniuk


As well as being a bookkeeper, Edyta, who comes from Poland, is a mother, student, school fundraiser and book-lover.  You might also imagine from her photo that she is known for her sense of humour….

gaby f.jpg

Gabrielle Fincher

Accounts and Payroll Assistant

Home is East Sussex, but from choice, Gabrielle's to be found in exotic places like Bali, Borneo, Iceland - and has even trekked across the Jordanian desert for charity. She's looking out for the next challenge!

Isabella Mezzina

Production Account Manager/ Management Accountant

Isabella comes from Italy but has been in the UK for 3 years. Working at WMYOB gives her the opportunity to learn and be herself. She loves having fun with friends and spending time with her pet.


Eileen Panaligan

Assistant Production Accountant

Eileen left the Philippines at the age of 11, and loves travelling.  She’s also very much into her music – especially Soul and R&B!

Ionela Alina Nitu.jpg

Ionela Alina Nitu

Management Accountant

Born in Romania but brought up in Spain, Ionela-Alina enjoys time with family and friends, but as well loves hiking (for example, in the Lake District) and photography.


Jasmine Ayres

Commercial Assistant Manager/ Payroll Co-ordinator

Born in the UK, Jasmine loves all kinds of Latin dancing and performs with a Bachata Dance team.


Julija Gaidamaviciute

Junior Accountant

Perhaps unsurprinsingly, Julija's best subject at school was maths. These days, when not working, her passion is for travelling.

Khrystyna Nastasyak22.jpg

Khrystyna Nastasyak

Head of Payroll and Business Development

Originally from Ukraine, Khrystyna has been with the company for over 7 years and has been involved in every division of the business but has now settled as Head of Payroll and Business Development. 

Olga Dubro.jpg

Olga Dubro

Senior Payroll and Accounts Manager

Olga is from Latvia, and juggles full-time work with studying for her professional qualifications – as well as family, husband and son!  She’s passionate about numbers, but also loves yoga, travelling, dance, reading and painting.


Silvia Jalba

Production/Accounts Assistant

You’d think Silvia would have had enough of numbers by the end of the working day, but numbers are her thing – she loves puzzles, especially those involving logic, like Sudoku.

Tamas Stanchak.jpg

Tamas Stanchak

Senior Account Manager

Home for Tamas is Lviv in Ukraine.  Asked what he likes most and he replied – Christmas and kebabs.  Whether simultaneously isn’t disclosed.  The most fun he has is with his three children, whom he describes as “monsters”….


Karolina Jarosinska.JPG

Karolina Jarosinska

Production Account Manager

Karolina juggles work with being a busy mum – to a cat and dog as well as a daughter! – but still finds time to go to gigs and rock music festivals….


Rasa Rimke

Senior Manager

Home for Rasa is Lithuania, and her likes include travelling, skiing, parachute-jumping, volleyball and Formula 1 (not all at the same time, we suppose).

Silva Andzane.jpg

Silva Andzane

Head of Film & TV

Silva comes from Latvia but has been at WMYOB in London since 2012.  She throws herself into travelling and sports with the same enthusiasm she brings to her number-crunching (which, apparently, she enjoys!).


Stuart Skilton

IT Technical Support Officer

Stuart has been with the Company since Day One.  Famed for his spectacular hairstyle and his love of Goth Music…has produced it, played in bands, and  - rumour has it – even his voice has been heard on some tracks!


Tom Ash

Commercial Manager

 Tom comes from Jersey in the Channel Islands and says people often think he has a lisp because when he introduces himself as Tom Ash, they think he means Thomas.  He hasn’t got a lisp, by the way, but does support Crystal Palace.





Wasfia Sabbubeh


Wasfia is from Poland. She is passionate about her work and that led her to challenge herself and learn new skills. She enjoys learning different languages.



Victoria Zhogalska

Production Accountant

Victoria’s passion is travelling (her favourite destinations so far include the Philippines and Aruba – to stroke the flamingos, obviously!).  Nearer to home you’ll find her knitting, or at the cinema, where she’ll be watching an action movie.

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